How To Choose the Right Mount for Your Antenna

A vehicle antenna is vital for using CB radio and for picking up other radio broadcasts. The choice of mounting can be just as important as the antenna if the system is to work properly. Here is a quick overview of the types of mounting you can use for your antenna.

Magnetic mounts

These are very common types of mounting that simply use magnets to attach the antenna to the roof of the vehicle. The magnets will be strong enough to hold the antenna in place even in bumpy conditions, but you will need to ensure that the mounting will be strong enough for your purposes. Their main advantage is that they are easy to mount and dismount, making them the ideal solution if you will be moving the antenna between different vehicles. However, you will need to ensure you have a steel or otherwise magnetic roof.

Fixed body mounts

These are fixed permanently to the roof of the vehicle by being fitted into a small hole. They are ideal if the antenna is not to be moved, as the fixing will be very strong and the antenna will stay in place for as long as the roof is sound.

Boot mounts

These mounts fix the antenna to the edge of your boot or to the edge of other doors. They often use a clamp to fix the mounting (which means there is no need to drill a hole or otherwise alter the bodywork) and will have rubber feet to ensure there is no scratching or other damage. Bear in mind that the lower down the antenna is fixed, the longer it will need to be.

Gutter mounts

These clamp onto the edge of the roof of your vehicle. They have the advantage of being non-permanent and easy to move to another position or car while being fixed to the top of your vehicle for maximum range.

Bar mounts

Finally, bar mounts are very similar to gutter and boot mounts in that they clamp onto various parts of your vehicle. They are very versatile however and can be placed in many positions, depending on what is convenient. They can be attached to door mirrors, roll bars, roof racks or any other available part of the vehicle.

Choosing the right mounting for your antenna will ensure that you get the best performance and reception. Talk to an antenna mount supplier if you need further advice.