Valuing a Vintage Watch: What You Need to Know

A vintage watch is a sophisticated piece of jewellery. If a loved one has passed away and left you a vintage watch in their will, you may wish to determine its value for insurance purposes or if you wish to sell the item. Below is a guide which will help you to value your vintage watch.

Establish the age of the watch

When it comes to antique watches, age is a key factor. There are many ways of establishing the age of a vintage watch. Perhaps the easiest way is to look for a serial number. Unfortunately, on many old watches, there isn't a standardised location in which the serial number is printed, so you may need to do some snooping around. If the watch has a cover, this is a good place to look. Serial numbers may also be found on the rear side of a watch. If the watch came in its original box, the serial number might be stamped inside of it. If you can locate the serial number, you should be able to use this to establish what year the timepiece was manufactured. If you cannot find a serial number, a professional jeweller will be able to examine the construction of the watch and the movement of the parts to establish its approximate age.

Consider the condition of the watch

The age of the watch isn't the only factor which will determine its value. You will also need to consider the condition that the timepiece is in. A watch which was manufactured long ago by a famous watchmaker could be significantly devalued if it is not in good condition. Of course, the primary way of telling if a watch is in good condition is to check if the hands are moving. If the hands are not moving, the watch will need repairs. Unfortunately, until you have had the watch inspected by a professional jeweller, there is no way of knowing the extent of the damage or the cost of any repairs. Even if the watch is operational, you will have to take into consideration any cosmetic damage it may have. An old watch may have been dented or scratched during years of use. A jeweller may be able to repair some of this damage. 

Ultimately, only a jeweller can value and repair your watch. If you have a watch you wish to have valued, you should contact your local jewellery specialist today.