Choosing Flowers for a Funeral

Ordering a flower arrangement for a funeral is one of the most common, time-honoured ways to pay your respects. If you can't make it to the funeral service in person, it lets the friends and family of the deceased know you're thinking of them; if you can, it adds an extra bit of comfort and helps to show how much love there is for the person whose funeral it is.

It can be difficult to choose the right sort of arrangement, as you'll want to make sure it represents the person and your feelings towards them. It can also be difficult to know what's appropriate for a funeral and what isn't. Here's a brief guide to help you choose the perfect arrangement.


Traditionally speaking, the flower most often associated with funerals is the lily. Next up, roses are often seen in funeral flower arrangements, partly because they're such a popular flower, and used very widely. Pink carnations are linked to remembrance, so they're also a fairly common choice.

With that in mind, your choices regarding flowers don't matter too much. Although there are traditions and some which are used more commonly, it's okay to branch out. There might be a flower that was particularly loved by the deceased, so that would be a great choice.


If you're looking at things traditionally, then white is the way to go – especially with lilies. However, nowadays, the colour is less important. Think about colours that the deceased person would like, although you should avoid anything garish if it seems inappropriate.

Whatever colours you choose, make sure they're appropriate for the family's religion, as there are sometimes additional meanings behind them.


Funeral flower arrangements are typically quite flat, or with sturdy stands, to keep them stable and upright. Tall arrangements in vases are rarely used. A simple spray or a wreath is often the best option.

You can also get arrangements made in various shapes, such as crosses if they're appropriate. Sometimes, people choose to have flowers made into words like 'Dad' or the person's name. If the funeral is for a child, the shapes of toys like teddy bears are popular.

Other touches

Aside from the flowers themselves, it's best to keep things simple. Excessive ribbons and other decorations can detract from the display and have too much of a celebratory feel for a funeral. Some green foliage can be a nice addition, though, helping to enhance the flowers.