Service with a Smile: How New Advancements in POS Technology Can Improve Your Back-End Experience

POS - or 'point of sale' - systems are a staple in many businesses.  However, they're also very expensive. As such, no matter how vital they are to you and your employees, it can be a pain to replace them... for both you and your wallet.  Many business owners are also afraid of complicating their sales process and slowing down service while their staff gets used to the new system.  That can be a concern - but if it's been a long time since you upgraded your POS system, there may be several perks, features and advantages on offer that you may not know you're missing out on.  Here are just a few:

Inventory Management

Many modern point of sale systems now automatically track inventory for you, producing reports on which stock needs refilling, and which is still ready and waiting.  Not only does this save valuable time that is frittered away on manual stock-taking, but it also means that you can keep constant, real-time track of how your stock is doing - without needing to spare a staff member to find out for you.

Sales Analysis

Similarly, many systems are now able to analyse your sales patterns for you, identifying hot sellers and lame stock.  It eliminates the need for guesswork and translates all your sales immediately into usable data for your purchaser.  Especially with businesses that have very complex stock or handle large quantities, this is invaluable.

Tablet Integration

If you're one of those aforementioned people who is nervous about how long it will take your employees to pick up on the new POS system - here's a point for you.  POS software is now available for such common devices as iPads and other tablets.  Though the software may be new, your staff are likely to already know how to use the physical interface itself.  Simple - and it also means that you can load the software onto as many screens as you like, or can afford.

Essentially, you're not trading out one old, slow system for a mild improvement.  Advancements in this area mean that your system no longer performs just one task; you can enlist it to take care of such a wide variety of jobs that upgrading is practically a no-brainer.  As such, whether your business is a retail store, a restaurant or another service entirely, you'll certainly want to look into what's available and affordable for your store.  Good luck!